Ultimate Guide on Choosing A Home Commercial Blender

home commercial blender

A blender is one of the tools that a kitchen should never lack. There are various categories of blenders, but Home commercial blender is the best choice due to its output power. Even so, there are quite a number brands of home commercial blenders and you will require to choose wisely when buying one. This guide will take you through the most important things to look for when choosing a home commercial blender.



The first thing to consider when choosing a home commercial blender is how you intend to apply the blender. There are different types of commercial blenders, which include food blenders, bar blenders and immersion blenders.


Food blenders are best for can operate continuously for long, best for making thick blends and also for crushing harder things like carrots and almonds.


On the other hand, bar blenders are best suited for signature cocktails. They can handle smoothies although they cannot afford to run continuously for a long time. They are best for home bars.


The immersion blenders are designed to handle jobs like mashing potatoes, blending soft foods and squashing sauces/soups.


2.Power rating

Then, you will need to look at the power rating of the home commercial blender. You may choose a blender for the right application, but unless it has enough output power it will not be able to handle the intended work. The higher the maximum power and high speed the faster the blender will work and also it will do heavier jobs.



Depending on where you want to use the home commercial blender, you will have to look at the level of noise of the blender. If the blender will be used at the back of the house, then a little noise will not hurt. However, if the blender is to be used in the sitting room, then you should consider looking for a quitter blender.


4.Blender jar

You should also look at the material and the size of the blender jar. There are different materials that make blender jars like stainless steel, glass and polycarbonate. You would consider choosing a polycarbonate jar if you intend to use it in an environment where there are fears of it falling since the material is hard and durable. On the other hand the stainless steel is easy to wash and also durable.



Of course you will have to choose something that falls within your budget. Different home commercial blender brands have different price tags.